About Vitamin D3, protocols 
and Vanessa Raphael's story.


Vanessa Raphael is a Functional Brain and Hormone Health Coach.
Vanessa Raphael is the creator of the natural quest to reverse auto immune diseases – The Vanessa Protocol, The Neuro Plasticity Mindset & Diet Program «Eat With Your Mind First», the rewiring program «6 Weeks Fasting & Accountability Program» and The Vitamin D Lifestyle Book. A Networker and Health Ambassador, she is also a former social media strategist and Jewellery Designer, Vanessa Raphael has a genuine gift for networking and connecting the dots of her passions in life with the right people.
Vanessa Raphael started out designing jewellery in 2010 and has produced jewellery for high fashion photoshoots, events such as Miss World Norway, celebrities and a member of the Norwegian Royal Family. 
When her mother died from a progressive form for MS in 2013 it was clear to Vanessa Raphael that she had not received help for this illness as there was and still is no public endorsed information about alternative approaches such as Vitamin D3 and healthy nutrition. Even though such knowledge is available it is not widely spread by the medical industry likely because it cannot recreate synthetically and thus patent and sell what nature is creating on its own. 
Vanessa Raphael embarked on an intense health journey since 2015 battling endometriosis and extreme fatigue. Leading up to recently discovering 
information about health as well as prayer that has been of great benefit for her. She started on the only protocol that halts MS and other autoimmune disorders by suppressing them with high doses of vitamin D3 under medical supervision. 

Despite improvements this did however not help her health issues to the fullest so she developed her own protocol – The Vanessa Protocol. She has since studied to become a health coach, Keto and fasting coach, life coach and about detox protocols, gene testing of food and gene receptors in the body, rewiring of the Limbic system in the brain, as well as a recent brain health coaching certification that includes reading brain scans and learning how you can affect how the different systems in the brain operate.

All this learning has been a God-send and she wants to help people applying this in their own lives as opposed to alternatives such as Big Pharma lifelong subscriptions of destructive medical drugs which may or may not halt any diseases at all. 

With all of this fresh in mind, Vanessa Raphael helps patients who embark on a journey of treating autoimmune illnesses with high doses of vitamin D3, iodine, progesterone, detoxification, rewiring the brain and intermittent fasting. Read more about The Vanessa Protocol here.

Also, her book has more information on Vitamin D3 nd recipes that cater for a low calcium lifestyle, so they are not necessarily Keto or Paleo based, but they are clean, low carb, low calcium healthy eating for everybody.