How safe is vitamin D3?

Written by Dr John Cannell, founder of Vitamin D Council «Dr Cannell has hypothesised that Vitamin D deficiencies may predispose to influenza. In the controversial journal Medical Hypotheses, Cannell also suggested a tie to autism. He founded the Vitamin D Council as a tax exempt, nonprofit, 501(c)(e) corporation and is its executive director». How safe …

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How to heal your Vitamin D3 deficiency?

First the bad stuff (wheter they do this deliberately or not) How to heal your vitamin D3 deficiency is quite easy, especially if you leave your Big Pharma brainwashed doctor out of the picture. Because they aren’t trained to prescribe something that Big Pharma does NOT earn money on, and unfortunately for them they can’t …

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Daily Exercise Options For People With Mobility Issues

Perfect health requires perfect blood circulation. And we all know the importance of exercise unless we live under a rock. However some people are not able to exercise because they are bound to wheelchairs as many are on the high doses of vitamin D3 protocol. In this blog post I will highlight exercise for all …

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