Daily Exercise Options For People With Mobility Issues

Perfect health requires perfect blood circulation. And we all know the importance of exercise unless we live under a rock. However some people are not able to exercise because they are bound to wheelchairs as many are on the high doses of vitamin D3 protocol. In this blog post I will highlight exercise for all types of fancy and helpful equipment.

First of all, you are NOT too old to exercise!

Age doesnt matter because muscles dont know age. Geraldine Ernest who is a 80 plus year old fitness queen is a good example for this, but there is a ton of older people working out there.


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Also this story is ever amazing and inspiring



Rebounder – the mini trampoline for your health

One of the most powerful exercises there are is with the rebounder (little trampoline) and here are some of the benefits of rebounding

Rebounder restores and resets balance, it is reset by the fine mechanisms in your ear and under receptor sites under your feet. You can also get a rebounder with a handle.

What is does to your lymphatic system is amazing; rebounders opens your lymphatic system and makes the blood circulation flow and it sweeps away waste from your tissues.

You only need to jump on it for 2 minutes for your lymphatic system to be activated through the day. Thats a good bargain for those who have “no time for exercise”.

It also helps with edema, poor vision – rebounding strengthens eye sight, water retension, incontinense – it strengthens you bladder. Also great to work against osteoporosis – NASA discovered that trampolines reduces muscle and bone loss.

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Another great exercise machine for people on the coach or with limitations is the Mini Exercise Bike




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These mini exercise bikes are great, and especially if you have limitations with mobility etc. Check out links here, here and here to learn more and here is also a demo video I found. (I am not affiliated with these products).

Vibra Plate

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Vibra plates helps people who cannot do normal exercises because it helps the calcium to get into the bones and combats osteoporosis. I found this here but you can also do a google search for Vibra Plate to find more options and different prices.

Pahla B has some great SEATED work outs!




And here is an old video of me LOL! (16 pounds ago – contact me if you want to know more about weight loss without exercise). Im showing some exercises to be incorporated in your daily workouts! I cannot promise when my next fitness video will come out haha.


If you want to step it up a notch, you can join these girls here

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