How to heal your Vitamin D3 deficiency?

First the ugly

How to heal your vitamin D3 deficiency is quite easy, especially if you leave your Big Pharma brainwashed doctor out of the picture. Because they aren’t trained to prescribe something that Big Pharma does NOT earn money on, and unfortunately for them they can’t patent something natural.

My story is that I was blindly following doctors for 20 plus years  until they finished my mum’s life with their drugs (pharmaceuticals) instead of treating her MS with vitamin D3 and cofactors – (which I wrote a book about and you can get it here ), I would also suggest you watch the intro video -«The truth about cancer» which you can find on YouTube and the «C word» on NetFlix or read this article about how 77 (and counting) natural doctors has been killed – that mainly have found natural cures for diseases.

I’m saying all this because you might be sceptical and you might also have spent a lot of time being sick because of of your vitamin D3 deficiency but you don’t know what or who to believe anymore, it will cost you a few hours to become more knowledgable about what is really going on in the world of health and why you will greatly benefit from knowing about it (instead of possibly developing an auto immune disease like many of us al ready have). I am a big fan of time over money, because money comes and goes but time doesn’t come back. Many people spend their last days wish they could have used time better but themoney they have wont buy them anymore time. I have spent 25 years of my life becoming sicker thanks to being a blind victim of Big Pharma and their sales reps in doctor jackets (doctors), plus also watching my mum suffering a long suffering I wont get that time back at all. And since we did not have Internet back then, I only had the option to listen to my doctors, because they knew the best right? Wrong!

Cod liver is a big joke and a money sucking industry

Also cod liver is a big joke and a big industry. In fact I live in the country Norway which is main producer of many cod liver brands and those who grew up here with me has been indoctrinated to belive that our «Tran» will help health or vitamin D3 levels. First of all, wait for it – we are the top Vitamin D3 Deficient country in the world- aaaaaand still after 40 plus years of cod liver!!! It has minimal with vitamin D3 and has hardened fat and is so so bad for us. OMG- all the lies we have been told!

Now to the good guys and the good message 🙂

Anyways, now I will get to the core of the message here – how will you fix your vitamin D3 levels?

Vitamin D3 supplementation for adults

The famous neurologist Dr Coimbra says that a normal healthy person can take 10 000 iu of vitamin D3 a day.

“The dose of 10,000 IU per day is considered by all researchers, by all international vitamin D experts, NOAEL (No Adverse Effect Level). It  means there is no adverse effect with this dose of vitamin D in an adult person. – Cícero Galli Coimbra, neurologist, Ph.D.
Director of the Laboratory of Neuropathology and Neuroprotection of UNIFESP (Federal University of São Paulo); also Associate Professor at the same institution.

Vitamin D3 supplementation for kids

And also for kids this is what he says: «When we talk about children, we have to make a correction through weight: a child at birth, independently of the weight, can receive 1,000 IU per day. When he/she reaches 10 kg of weight, the dose goes to 2,000 IU. With 15 kg, 3,000 IU, that is to say, every 5 kg of weight the dose increases by 1,000 IU, until the child reaches 50 kg and starts to take 10,000 IU, which he/she can take indefinitely».

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Vitamin D3 is not a Vitamin but a Pro Hormone

We produce 20 000 iu of vitamin D3 in the sun, that means if you have a sun that is “bringing it” – a sun that is closer to equator not like here in Scandinavia – except from when we get a good tropical summer. However 20 000 iu (as a supplement) is not recommended if you have high serum calcium, but that is rare, but in best case avoid dairy protects like milk, cheese, yoghurts etc to keep it low. Take a calcium serum test before you start if you are unsure (most people with high calcium serum levels have or should have been informed you about this at some stage as that in it self is a disorder). Dairy is not healthy for you anyways, it is filled with hormones and anti biotics (anti biotics means «anti life»and will kill healthy gut bacteria off).

Anyways, getting back on track (again :P). Vitamin D3 is not a vitamin but a pro hormone transported around in the body with help of magnesium so you will need that too and you are most likely depleted in it as well. Vitamin K2 will help your calcium go into the blood instead of leaving it in the blood stream. Here is the list of the supplements I recommend for boosting your immune system.

P.S 1 Vitamin D3 helps regulate insulin/blood sugar levels
P.S 2 Your Vitamin D3 receptors sites should also be saturated if you are taking Progesterone, or it wont work optimally. If you are a woman or a person with neurological disorders pay attention to this. Contact me for more information on this or any of the treatments mentioned on

Where to start?

As mentioned, a normal healthy person can take 10 000 iu daily without any calcium restrictions in their foods such a dairy. But no healthy well informed practitioner recommends dairy at all, at least not to grown ups. For kids; goat milk is the one that resembles human milk the most. This is the best product to start with is listed in this download for optimal bio availability. Many magnesiums will never be good for anything else than the trash can, which is again a waste of money and time for sure as you need magnesium to transport the vitamin D3 around in your body and activate it from inactive to active.

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