The 4 levels of Vitamin D3 therapy

In this article I will talk about the 4 levels of Vitamin D Therapy so pay close attention šŸ™‚

I also mention Ā«The Vanessa ProtocolĀ» which is the protocol I have developed based on my journey with Endometriosis and other health issues such as extreme eye spams, IBS, lesions in the brain and exhaustive fatigue. It contains Vitamin D3, Iodine, Progesterone, herbs and many other concepts I don’t have time to cover right here, right now, but I will share with you a lot to help you on your journey fighting your autoimmune disease, cancer or oestrogen-dominance hell. It has been an eye opener -literarily my eyes finally got opened after being squinting for years- and shrunk my ovarian cysts. What you read under IS NOT The Vanessa Protocol, but an explanation of Vitamin D3 Therapy. Obviously vitamin D3 is used in The Vanessa Protocol as well, but NOT in very high doses such as The Coimbra Protocol which is explained below (Level 4).

Level 1

Level 1 is what a normal healthy person can use without side effects (NOAEL =Ā No Adverse Effects Level) which is considered by all researchers, by all international vitamin D expertsĀ the intake of 10 000 iu of vitamin D3 on a daily basis. (Unless you have a rather rare form for high calcium serum level condition or being hyperthyroid, which then involves all the levels of vitamin D, this you can test with your doctor.)

The dose of 10 000 iu of vitamin D3 as in Ā«Level 1Ā» is considered safe to be taken every day. That way you can have a steady level of vitamin D3. It will raise once you start but then after a certain level/time, it won’t raise higher if you keep taking it. With this dose you do not necessarily need to watch your calcium levels or monitor what you eat like restraining nuts, seeds or high calcium foods such as dairy products. (In my opinion people should not consume dairy at all. But that is for another time. I can shortly mention that dairy contains hormones and antibiotics that won’t let your body heal as well as it is Ā«mucus formingĀ» food – and mucus is basically the platform for all kind of diseases to develop.)

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Level 2

Level 2 is an advanced level 1, it means up to 20 000 iu a day but you have to monitor calcium intake to certain degree. This level is perfect for people who have defect vitamin gene D3 receptors, like my gene test showed. It means my body must work harder to stay well and not develop autoimmune diseases because my vitamin D3 receptors aren’t properly fed. It means that compared to another person who has normal vitamin D receptors, when we both stand in the sun for 15 minutes, the other person with no defect gene receptors will absorb the vitamin D synthesis from the sun faster than me.

The sun produces about 20 000 iu a day when we are in it for 15 minutes. Not the cold winter sun but the tropical type. Here in Scandinavia where we have winter 8 months a year – we suffer greatly from lack of natural vitamin D production and that is reflected in the high percentage of autoimmune diseases and overall achy and tired bodies. We also have to remember that many MS patients (MS is a autoimmune disease too)Ā can’t take heat/sun and therefor have to take supplements instead.

Below are two amazing studies:

Amazing study 1

Jodie Burton, MD, a neurologist at the University of Toronto, explained aĀ study involving relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis patients divided into two groups:

Group 1 received an average of 1,000iu of Vit D per day for one year

Group 2 received an average of 14,000iu of Vit D per day for one year

Group 2 experienced 41% fewer relapse symptoms of MS compared with 17% of those taking typical doses.Ā 

Also, people taking high-dose vitamin D suffered much fewer relapses than the year before the study began, compared with those taking typical doses. Burton said that the people taking high doses of vitamin D3 did not suffer any significant side effects.

Ā«Vitamin D appears to suppress the autoimmune responses thought to cause MS. In MS, haywire T lymphocytes the cellular ā€œgeneralsā€ of the immune system order attacks on the myelin sheaths that surround and protect the brain cells.

In people given high-dose vitamin D in the study, T cell activity dropped significantly. Which did not happen in people who took lower doses.Ā»

Ā«This is an impressive study that shows that even higher doses are probably safe and even more effective. Maybe next year, Iā€™ll be recommending higher doses.Ā» John Hooge, MD, – an MS specialist at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver who was not involved with the research.

Amazing study 2

Scientists at the Cambridge Centre for Myelin Repair revealed a role for vitamin D in promoting myelin repair back in 2015. They found that adding vitamin D boosted the number of myelin-making cells present in the brains of rats by 80%. The vitamin D receptor protein pairs with an existing protein already known to be involved in myelin repair, called RXR gamma. Link to study here.

*Because you need to monitor your calcium to a certain degree this book can help you further and guide you when it comes to eat low calcium based.

Level 3

Level 3 is somewhere between 20 000 iu to 30 000 iu and still considered safe by the Vitamin D Council (see image below). Since 20 000 iu is what a “functional” sun can give you provided you have one and don’t live in Norway šŸ˜‰ everything above that is mainly for temporary use for treating diseases and/or vitamin D deficiency for a limited time. The point is to get your vitamin D gene receptors fed, and that you can start treating a condition or an autoimmune disease. This with help of other co factors such as magnesium, selenium, b vitamins etc. You need to be restricting calcium intake rather strictly (especially not eating any dairy products!). This level is best done together with a trained health professional and monitoring of blood-tests.

Psoriasis treated somewhere between level 3 and 4

Level 4

Level 4 is when you are crossing over the line and leaving the “lower doses of high dose vitamin D3 therapy” and head towards the so called Coimbra Protocol atĀ 40 000 iu and above (read more about the Coimbra ProtocolĀ here). Under strict medical supervision with both blood-tests and regular 24 hour urine tests, very strict low calcium diet (no nuts, seeds or dairy!) and other more comprehensive things, dosing can get up to a several hundred thousand iu to treat severe conditions such as MS, ALS and basically any autoimmune disease.Ā 

My experience

I still take Vitamin D3 daily – however good the benefits of Vitamin D3 are, I did not find relief for the autoimmune condition that I battle, called Endometriosis on that high level 4 dose nor on lower doses of vitamin D3 alone. I did have initial results with stopping progressive development of a lesion in the brain close to the Corpus Callosum, which is the part in the brain where MS lesions sit, according to my neurologist (but that wasn’t from a dose on 40 000 iu and upwards). This of course is huge improvement and why I believe that vitamin D3 is super important to protect the brain!

However the shrinking of the Endometrium cysts, the fatigue finally improving and reduction of eye spams only started when I added other supplements and hormons. Which led me to start developing Ā«The Vanessa ProtocolĀ» (which is not the 4 levels of Vitamin D Therapy described in this article but goes beyond it).

On my way to finding healing for the hormonal illness, I found natural treatments that put the autoimmune conditions into remission, when working closely with what your body needs. That is how I started developing Ā«The Vanessa ProtocolĀ» because the combination of the different treatments has helped others on their way to healing, if not total recovery. And I believe that is what we all want.

Ā«The Body Was Created to Heal Itself given the right conditions.Ā»

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Until then – best wishes for your health

ā€“ Vanessa Raphael šŸ™‚


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