Vitamin D3 Base Oil Can Make a Huge Clinical Difference in the Treatment of MS & Auto Immune Diseases

Written by Vitamin D3 Specialist Michael Cawley

There are gaps in our knowledge on why different brands of vitamin D3 get different results.

A lot of debate, has surrounded the different responses people have to various brands of vitamin D3. For the last decade I was convinced the brand of vitamin D3 was important due to the quality of vitamin D3 it contained. However based on my own research I now believe the oil the Vitamin D3 is added to is of major significance to patients.

Vitamin D3 supplements are in an oil of one form or another. Manufacturers mainly use olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, soya oil, maltodextrin, corn oil and medium chain triglycerides.

Based on my clinical observations with MS patients I am now convinced the oil which is added to the Vitamin D3 can potentially totally change the extent to which a patient improves or not. Some people are biologically pre disposed to metabolize vitamin D3 in certain oils only.

My advice to MS patients now is as follows.

When starting Vitamin D3 select a brand that has a reputation for halting and reversing MS in other patients. My first choice is Life Extension Vitamin D3 drops (without mint) which are added to a medium chain triglyceride (oil). If this makes you feel ill or if you are not improving on it switch to another widely used , clinically proven Vitamin D3 that is in a different oil. Healthy Origins 10,000 iu Vitamin D3 capsules are in olive oil and have helped thousands of MS patients.

If both of these supplements fail to help or make you feel worse, move on to Vitamin D3 in sunflower oil (Nu nutrition 10,000 iu ). I have seen this Vitamin D3 deliver excellent results when the two most well known Vitamin D3 supplements totally failed.

A MS patient in Switzerland experienced awful adverse reactions to Life Extension Vitamin D3 drops, Healthy Origins Vitamin D3 in Olive oil and New beginnings Micellized Vitamin D3, read about it here However when she took 40,000 iu of Now Vitamin D3 in extra virgin olive oil and it significantly improved her symptoms.

I have a case of an MS patient in London who tried all the above Vitamin D3’s without any success. Later she used Vitamin D3 in maltodextrin 4000 iu Capsules from Solgar, (36,000iu per day) within one month her blurred vision, severe spinal cord pain and fatigue were improved.

Many MS patients who felt ill taking more than 30,000 iu or 40,000 iu of Life Extension D3 drops or Healthy Origins Vitamin D3, have gone into search mode for another Vitamin D3 to combine with what they are already taking. One of the previously mentioned brands can usually work out very well. Another brand of Vitamin D3 that is combining very well with Life Extension and Healthy Origins is Bio Tech Vitamin D3

I intend to continue researching this matter with those MS patients who have the most difficult time getting results from Vitamin D3.

About the author

Michael Cawley is a trained Coimbra Protocol Specialist and with a background in nutrition. He has MS himself and knows therefor much of the agony his patients are going through and have experienced first hand how this protocol can help them. To get in touch with him about the treatment you can email him at you can also join his Facebook group here


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